"Recovery isn’t about getting back to how you were before,
it's about building something new" Anonymous

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System Reform Projects

In 2013, Partners in Recovery (PIR) launched nationally as an initiative to provide co-ordinated support for people experiencing severe and persistent mental illness. This included working with services and supports in a capacity building role otherwise referred to as system improvement. Three years on from the establishment of PIR in the Far North Queensland region, the role of system improvement has diversified to not only capacity building in the community but working in a collaborative way to improve access for people with a severe and persistent mental illness. 

As a consortium model, the system improvement or system reform activities which occurred in the region were done at three levels, community lead, PIR agency lead or via the PIR lead agency Centacare FNQ. We have listed and attached some of the system reform activities that occurred within the region over the last three years.